Where Do You Store Brooms?

Where do you keep brooms?

According to Vastu Shastra it is considered good to choose the south west angle or the west direction to keep the broom.

Keeping the broom in this direction does not spread negative energy, whereas the broom should never be placed in the north-east direction..

How long is a broom handle?

Broom & Brush Handles. Length: 60″; Diameter: 15/16″,Wood handle with metal ferrule. Can be used with squeegees, push brooms, paint rollers and other tools. Handle is 15/16″ x 60″ long with threaded end.

What is the average height of a broom?

72 inchesAll you need is about 18 inches in width and depth — even 16 inches will suffice — and ideally 72 inches of height.

When should you not buy a broom?

Well, never purchase a broom on Shukla Paksha, remember to buy a new one on Krishna Paksha. A broom bought on Shukla Paksha is believed to bring unhappiness.

Is it OK to put mop water down the toilet?

Mop water is full of germs and dirt, so the worst thing you can do is to dispose of it in a place where you’re apt to drop a toothbrush. Dump it into a toilet or down your shower drain instead. Leave the air conditioning on if you’re mopping.

Where should you store brooms in the kitchen?

7 Broom-Closet Storage Solutions for Kitchens of Any SizeFull Closet – Martha Stewart: If you have a full closet to dedicate to cleaning supplies, maximize your space by adding in shelves, along with racks or hooks, to hang brooms and mops. … Freestanding Cabinet – The Garden Web: Make use of an extra nook in your home by adding in a freestanding cabinet like this one.More items…•

How deep should a broom closet be?

Take a Good Look All you need is about 18 inches in width and depth — even 16 inches will suffice — and ideally 72 inches of height. Broom closet height can be as short as about 65 inches, but adding a few inches to the top lets you include a shelf for cleaning supplies.

What is a broom closet?

(brʊm ˈkʌbəd) or US broom closet. a small cupboard or closet for storing brooms, mops, etc. Collins English Dictionary.

On which day we should buy broom?

Saturday is considered to be the best day to replace broom. Always buy a new broom on Krishna Paksha. Purchasing it on Shukla Paksha can bring bad fortune.

Why we should not broom at night?

It is said that sweeping and mopping at night or after it gets dark will make Goddess Lakshmi leave the house. … In the night, all the people are home and they are being disturbed due to sweeping and dust created by it. Usually, dust in the nasal area makes it hard to sleep and take good rest.

Is it better to use a mop or Swiffer?

While a Swiffer is a great tool for everyday cleaning (especially if you vacuum first), don’t use it if there’s a lot of dirt or other debris on your floors. These bigger messes might be a better job for the Swiffer WetJet, or a regular mop or vacuum.

Where do you store a mop bucket?

Store the mop properly. A cool, dry place is a perfect storage location. Try hanging it so the mop head avoids brushing against the floor. If you’ve allowed the mop to dry thoroughly, the mop should be fine for the next use.

Can we keep broom under bed?

Keep hidden According to Vaastu Shastra, the broom should always be kept in such a place where no one’s eyes can look at it. Always keep the broom lying down and never keep it inverted. Keeping the broom upside down is an indication of impotence.

How do you organize a broom closet?

Everything in This Slideshow1 of 7 Find a Storage Space. … 2 of 7 Organize Your Cleaning Rags. … 3 of 7 Store Your Vacuum Cleaner. … 4 of 7 Use a Storage Caddy. … 5 of 7 Use a Double-Duty Bucket. … 6 of 7 Hang Your Rubber Gloves. … 7 of 7 Keep Brooms in Place.

Can we keep broom in kitchen?

No broom should ever be kept in the kitchen, this affects the health of the members of the household. The broom should never be kept standing. With this, Lakshmi does not live in the house. Always keep the broom on the ground.

How tall is a mop?

The measured mean heights of the mop were as follows: shoulder level 136 cm (SD 6.8), chin level 143 cm (SD 8.1), nose level 151 cm (SD 7.9) and eye level 155 cm (SD 7.6).

Why are my floors still dirty after mopping?

2 REASONS YOUR FLOORS ARE STILL DIRTY AFTER CLEANING Thinking that wet equals clean, they then forget to rinse out their mop pad, resulting in a mop pad that is fully saturated with dirty water. … The end result, dirty water dries back onto the floor.