Quick Answer: How Much Discount Do Cartier Employees Get?

How much do Carters sales associates make?

The typical Carter’s Sales Associate salary is $9.

Sales Associate salaries at Carter’s can range from $8 – $15.

This estimate is based upon 244 Carter’s Sales Associate salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods..

Where is the cheapest Cartier?

Europe is a shopping paradise, the brand and style are very complete, and the price will be relatively cheap. As a French brand, of course, buying real 18k gold Cartier jewelry in France is the most suitable.

Do YSL employees get commission?

Saint Laurent the brand and the Kering group the company were excellent to work for. They offered an excellent pay / commission structure along with amazing employee discounts.

“The Cartier Amulette de Cartier necklace is without a doubt the most desirable piece from this collection.

Do Cartier employees get commission?

Cartier Employee Reviews for Sales Associate. Good company environment and culture. … If you have patience with clients who are wealthy and love to sell, you can make great money in commission.

Is it cheaper to buy Cartier in Paris?

Re: Is it cheaper to buy Cartier Jewelry from Paris or London? It will be much the same price in either city. … All the high end goods are more or less the same price wherever you buy them. The only thing that may make a difference is the rate of exchange.

What do Carters employees wear?

You are able to wear dress pants or jeans, as long as there are no rips or tares. Skirts and dresses cannot be any shorter than 3 inches above the knee. You are not able to wear a casual t-shirt, v necks are acceptable. No athletic wear.

Is Bulgari high end?

BULGARI unveils the most expensive high-end timepiece ever made. On the occasion of the Bvlgari Brand Event, Bvlgari is thrilled to introduce the most expensive high-end timepiece ever made, as well as several other extraordinary styles.

Do employees get discounts at Louis Vuitton?

You get a 30 percent discount on handbags, leather goods, and special employee purchases on specific items chosen by the company. Every high end retailer is going to commission. Louis Vuitton wants nothing to do with that.

How much do Cartier employees make?

Cartier SalariesJob TitleSalarySales Associate salaries – 8 salaries reported$20/hrIntern – Hourly salaries – 4 salaries reported$10/hrMarketing and Sales salaries – 2 salaries reported$8/hrMarketing salaries – 2 salaries reported$12/hr16 more rows•Oct 26, 2020

What is Carter’s employee discount?

Employee Discount 30%.

Why is Cartier so expensive?

Why is Cartier So Expensive? One of the reasons is that Cartier has many celebrity customers now, and they are not new to the world of royalty and obeying culture. King Edward, the seventh of England, dubbed the Louis Cartier, the jeweler of kings and kings of jewelers.

Is Cartier better than Tiffany?

Tiffany & Co has a wider selection of price points than Cartier (some starting as low as $25 for housewares) that may give the impression that Cartier is more expensive. However, some of the most rare pieces in the world come from Tiffany & Co. Cartier is also a very high-end luxury brand however Tiffany & Co.

What is a boutique assistant?

Also known as Store Assistants, Retail Sales Assistants, and Sales Assistants, Shop Assistants work in the retail industry where they are responsible for serving customers and processing sales transactions. They also restock shelves, resolve customer complaints, and ensure that the sales floor is well-maintained.

Does Cartier give discounts?

Cartier is currently offering 5 total coupons for discounts on their website. Today’s best Cartier coupon is for 10% off.

Which is better Cartier or Bvlgari?

Cartier watches tend to have more of a traditional look while BVLGARI watches have always had a more avant-garde design to them with an aesthetically innovative look. You can use the buttons below to browse the collections to see the aesthetic differences between these two brands.

Is Carter’s outlet cheaper?

There’s no difference in merchandise quality or price. … Your Carter’s Outlet may be a larger store with a wider selection (and great one-off clearance deals), and your Carter’s Retail store may have newer items than the outlet, but the items — and prices — are otherwise the same.

Is Cartier worth the price?

The Cartier LOVE Bracelet has been one of fashion’s most-coveted items since its release in 1969. As crazy as it may seem to drop the price of a second-hand car on a bracelet, we think it’s worth the investment. … It’s a symbol of history, art, and sentimentality.

How old do you have to be to work at Cartier?

18 years oldMinimum Age to Work at Cartier: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Cartier?)

How much discount do Tiffany employees get?

Special 50% discount for your own personal jewelry or watch collection (not for gifts) and you can get this on only a certain number of pieces each year.

How much does a Tiffany’s employee make?

The average Tiffany & Co. salary ranges from approximately $35,000 per year for Retail Sales Associate to $180,392 per year for Project Leader. Average Tiffany & Co. hourly pay ranges from approximately $15.00 per hour for Retail Sales Associate to $19.29 per hour for Customer Service Representative.