Question: What Type Of Speech Is Big?

Is big an adjective or adverb?

big (adjective) big (adverb) big–boned (adjective).

What is the verb form of big?

verb. /bɪɡ/ /bɪɡ/ see also bigs. present simple I / you / we / they big.

Is adjective a great?

adjective, great·er, great·est. unusually or comparatively large in size or dimensions: A great fire destroyed nearly half the city.

What is a fancy word for big?

What is another word for big?largeenormousgiantgigantichugeimmensemassiveconsiderablegrandgreat220 more rows

What should I say instead of great?

Common synonyms for the word “Great”.Admirable.Amazing.Arresting.Astonishing.Awesome.Beautiful.Breathtaking.Brilliant.More items…

How do you use the word great?

Great sentence examplesYou’re doing a great job. … It’s great and I love it. … But you went to great lengths to help her. … The Watcher’s eyes went around his study, as if this was his first visit in a great while. … There was a great famine in Rome. … He would soon become a captain and then perhaps a great admiral.More items…

Is big a noun verb or adjective?

The word ‘big’ is not a verb, it is an adjective. Nouns are the words we use to name things: persons, places, objects, and concepts.

What is the verb for anger?

verb. angered; angering\ ˈaŋ-​g(ə-​)riŋ \ Definition of anger (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. : to make (someone) angry He was angered by the decision.

What type of word is bigger?

Most adjectives and adverbs have comparative forms (bigger, better, more careful) and superlatives forms (biggest, best, most careful). Use the comparative form when you are comparing two things.

Is loud an adjective?

adjective, loud·er, loud·est. (of sound) strongly audible; having exceptional volume or intensity: loud talking; loud thunder; loud whispers.

Is big a noun or pronoun?

As detailed above, ‘big’ can be a noun or an adjective. Adjective usage: Elephants are big animals, and they eat a lot. Adjective usage: There were concerns about the ethics of big science.

How do you define great?

1 : very large in size : huge a great mountain. 2 : large in amount a great crowd. 3 : long entry 1 sense 2 a great while. 4 : much beyond the ordinary a great success. 5 : important sense 1, distinguished a great artist.

What type of adjective is big?

big ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌adjectivebigcomparativebiggersuperlativebiggest

What does Big stand for?

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